Our Approach

We showcase excellent brands in an exciting way that showcases the power of brands and how they can meaningfully engage audiences across space and time.

Our Story

Brands, in the broadest sense, are the mainstay of every TV station, yet never had an exclusive channel dedicated to their causes just as music, sports, fashion etc enjoys. Now, all that has to change.

Brands TV as the name implies is an exclusive TV network offering a veritable platform for the storytelling, marketing, advertising, and attraction of stakeholders by brands, done most entertainingly through brand-centric programs and initiatives.

Simply put, your brand can now prodce and own custom made TV Shows in your brand name, as well as feature in Brand PR Shows through BrandsTV. Your Channel. Your Voice. Your Content.

Our Team

We have a staggering pull of professionals comprising: marketing and brand managers, casting directors, costume designers, directors, location managers, make-up artists, researchers, screenwriters, set designers, and television producers, cinematographers, production managers, technical directors, boom operators, gaffers, dolly grip, key grip, and stunt coordinators, film editor for film editing, video editor for video editing, publicist for publicity, sound editor, Foley artist, composer, title sequence designer, and specialist editors and colorists. .

Your brand has a story; We’ll Sell It!

Regis Uzoma (Dr. Brands)

Founder & CEO

He is a seasoned geospatial brand surgeon skilled at connecting the worlds of marketing and tourism through media, business technologies and international investments geared towards building great and trans-generational brands.

As a prolific content creator, he has produced an array of TV, Radio, and Live Shows. He is also the Host of Dr. Brands TV Show (hence the alias – Dr. Brands), amongst a myriad of other telecasts and Radio series.

Now Let’s Create Your Brand’s Show

We are ready to take your brand on a media expedition, tailored to your unique story, concepts and of course, budget. It’s easy to get started with us. Send your inquiries to tv@brandstv.net and we’ll pick it up from there. If you want to talk to a human, dial +234 803 846 4596 or +234 808 079 6148.